Sanyo Beta Max VCR 4400 Video Cassette Recorder PLAYER - PARTS / REPAIR   $56.98
eBay Sanyo video cassette recorder As is Powers on but is untested Missing left front cover, see pictures

Sanyo BII/III Betamax Video Cassette Recorder Model No. VCR 4400 parts or repair   $9.99
eBay Plugged in, clock turns on and tape door opens. Here's the deal. I love the old electronics that I grew up around, hate to see them end up in the bin. I pick them up and figure I'll fully test them and get them working properly and then sell them. Well I never get around to it and they start stacking up and my wife starts giving me that look! ...  More

Sears Beta VCR 564.53060901 Video Player/Recorder -Japan BetaMax betascan   $162.0
eBay Item powers on. I don't have a tape to test. Unable to test built in receiver because its analog.

Sanyo Betamax VCR-4000 *FOR PARTS NOT WORKING*   $59.99
eBay Sanyo VCR 4000 Betacord vintage machine.It powers on, but I have no way to test it, so I'm selling it for parts or repair only. I purchased it from an estate and I dont know anything about it. It is missing the stop button and the minute button is stuck. It is clean overall and in good vintage, preowned condition

Sanyo VCR-4900 Betamax VCR. Working!   $59.99
eBay This a working Sanyo VCR-4900 Betamax VCR. Belts, Pinch Roller and Idler assembly have all been replaced, heads have been cleaned. I have watch 2 tapes on it and everything appears to be in working order. Device does have some cosmetic issues, scuffs missing paint, dents etc. The unit is missing the eject button. Includes a Sanyo remote that h ...  More

Sanyo 4400 Betamax Beta VCR Video Cassette Recorder Vintage UNTESTED   $20.0
eBay Sanyo 4400 betamax VCR. Don't have any tapes to test. The unit powers on thats the extent of testing done. Don't know what issues it may or may not have.Please look closely at pictures before bidding.

Sanyo 4400 Beta Video Cassette Recorder Player Betamax VCR NOT WORKING 4 PARTS!   $29.99

Vintage SANYO 4010 Betamax VCR Beta Player BETACORD Rare   $99.99

Vintage Sanyo VCR4650 Betacord Videocassette Player Recorder Betamax Beta Parts   $34.95

Vintage Sanyo Beta-max VCR 3900-II Works Unit   $119.99

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